Here there are true professionals
bringing strategies and
customer attraction capabilities
to the frontlines of
leisure and entertainment.

Served as an industry leader at the global level, holding positions as the inaugural director of Strategic Marketing Planning and director of Marketing and Sales for Tokyo Disneyland and executive vice president and inaugural general manager of Marketing and Sales for Universal Studios Japan.

Norman ELDER

Served as a leader in launching businesses and strengthening customer attractions at enterprises including Universal Studios Japan, KidZania Tokyo, and Pacific Golf Management.

Hiroaki TANAKA


Our Ambition

We have accumulated much experience in the difficulty of launching leisure-related customer attractions, as well as ways to surpass the initial popularity following an enterprise’s launch. It is the implementation of global-level strategies and customer attraction capabilities, rather than subjective assumptions, that leads to the attraction of customers and customer satisfaction after an enterprise’s initial popularity has stabilized and especially for the enterprise’s successful operation and management. We have come together here in order to provide support for the development of realistic strategies, customer attraction capabilities, and business partnerships.

We desire to be the ultimate matchmakers between the hearts of those who wish to give fun and enjoyment and those who wish to have fun and enjoyment.

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    田中 宏明


Here there are true professionals who have served as leaders on the actual frontline of leisure and entertainment at major customer attraction facilities.

Corporate Profile

Areas of Business:

leisure-related customer attraction facilities; tourism spots, practical support for the development of customer attraction capabilities and strategies related to business partnerships.

Areas of Experience:

■ Launching of Japan’s largest theme parks and customer attraction measures
 (Tokyo Disneyland, USJ, KidZania, etc.)

■ Sponsorship programs for international customer attraction facilities

■ Marketing for acquiring repeat customers

■ Launching resort facilities and customer attraction measures

Support Content

①Designing customer attraction facilities and strengthening customer attractions

②Cultivating sponsors

③Revising branding

④Implementing marketing research

⑤Promoting customer attraction

⑥Improving operations and management; training staff

Background to the Company’s Establishment

Norman Elder has many years of experience leading and overseeing marketing and sponsorship programs at some of the world’s largest theme parks. Under his direction as senior advisor, we have brought together a group of highly experienced colleagues to establish Elder・Tanaka & Associates, Inc., with the objective of contributing to the maximization of both the value of Japanese tourism resources and the satisfaction of guests and others involved in the tourism industry through the activities of providing support for customer attractions related specifically to tourism and leisure as well as the cultivation of sponsors.


[Target Clientele]

■ Theme parks, amusement parks, and other leisure-related customer attraction facilities

■ Facilities/Events utilizing NINJA, Japanese street performances

■ Regional revitalization-related businesses; tourism facilities

■ Sports-related customer attraction businesses

■ Inbound tourism-related businesses


[Clientele Examples]

■ A global-class theme park recently opened in Japan

■ Famous tourism areas in the Kansai region that include World Heritage sites

■ Business creation support for NINJA contents, focusing the global market

■ Enhancemnet of profitability of Japanese street performances

■ The first street performance festival in Japan to incorporate planning content

Corporate Profile

Company Name: Elder・Tanaka & Associates, Inc.

[Senior Advisor] Norman ELDER
[Representative Director] Hiroaki TANAKA
[Executive Officer] Fumiaki NISHIMATSU
[Special Advisor] Kenji KUWATA , Yuji KOHYAMA

・For creative strategies, research-related activities, and digital marketing, we have created a system of working in collaboration with specialists in each respective area.

[Address] 1-5-3-201 Kasuga, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
(Approx. 10 minutes’ walk from Korakuen, Kasuga, and Iidabashi Stations.)
[Tel] +81-3-3868-2666 [Fax] +81-3-5615-8551